LASER CUTTING ENGINEERING SDN BHD, LCE, started its operation on March 1997.
LCE 's main aim is to function as a true laser cutting job shop major in laser cutting services complement with bending services. The company has invested million of ringgit on two units of laser cutting machine and a unit of press brake to meet the need of elegants products and high level services in the region.

Today, LCE has two units of Amada laser machines, a 3,000 watts laser and a 2,000 watts with 4' x 8' loading table and 5' x 10' loading table respectively, a unit of Amada press brake with 55 tonnes capacity and 6' bending length, and a unit of water cutting machine with 60,000 psi water water pressure and a 5' x 10' loading table.

LCE introduces a new potential in cutting large variety of materials from thin to thick sheet range irrespective of their hardness, from simple to complex profile are cut without any machine force damage.

Being actively involved in the market, LCE
has captured a substantial local percentage of industries like sheet metal, signage, furniture and automotive.

LCE offers laser cutting services with quick turnaround, provide processed parts with high optimum accuracy and the quality of finished products exceed customer's quality requirements. Every products respond LCE 's demand for  
We have three well-trained and experienced laser programmers cum operators who are capable to handle all sorts of programming and cutting operations on wide variety of jobs. At the helm, a qualified engineer to oversee and to ensure the smooth running and operation of the company.

LCE 's employee commitment to service customer is to give them what they need, when they need and how they need. They understood the customer requirement and deadline and everyone are committed to servicing and satisfying the customer.